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  2nd travels of Yoshito Maki        Published in 2005    

Written by Yoshito Maki   Toyo Shuppan publication   \1500 (  

New “Driving alone in the Cotswolds” is 2nd travel of Yoshito
Maki after four years. Cotswolds
 is a local area yeaned by 
English people in West England. This travels reports splendid
Cotswolds with many photographs. 

I borrowed compact car corsa 1.2 of the British Vauxhall in Oxford. My corsa
runs at full speed in Cotwolds from Blenheim Palace of Woodstock where
former Prime Minister Churchill was born at the early summer.

Driving to Upper Slaughter of the village where there is nothing but surrounded
by only green field and trees from Stow-on-the Wold of the town known antique.
I met a Japanese  man driving in England  alone from Hiroshima at the small
square of this village. I spent quiet  two night stays in Lords of Manor built in
17th century surrounded by a vast garden in this Upper Slaughter. In Broadway
I also met Japanese ladies living in Cotwolds.

In the British country, an excellent way spreads out from the town to the village.
However, I hardly see any cars in the front of my car and the back. The British
weather brings rain suddenly, but  Corsa 1.2 runs through it in green at 100 kilos
per an hour speed.


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