The Guidence of the popular traveler’s Diary                 日本語版

      Written by Yoshito Maki
    Toyo Shuppan publication

       ¥1,470( 267pages  

 ISBN 4ー8096−7371-5

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“Traveling alone in UK for 7 nights & 9 days”are possessed
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Aoyama Gakuin University and Tokyo Gakugei
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The number of Japanese who visit Britain has increased every year. Young
women stay in London and Oxford for the English study training for 2 or 3
weeks during their summer vacation. On the other
Hand,  people of the
retirement middle age travel around the country town in Britain. Recently,
400,000 Japanese visit Britain per year.

In saying that Britain is a boom now, aging and grobalization are key 
words of a Japanese society. And, travel is one of the big concerns
of modern people. I do not claim to be the globalization with overseas
travel, but it is the record of one trip of the Japanese businessman.
I meet American and Japanese people with camera and visit York,
Edinburgh, Lake District, Chester and so on from London.
It is the
         message from a trip of the non-everyday excitement.

Though travel is not interesting and but painful for me, I want
to go foreign country demanding
feeling of tension. The story
of the failure of the Britain visit of the author promises the
guide post of suitable to you who travels around Britain for
the first time.

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