Travel of France


      July 2002


PARIS 1994
PARIS 1980


   Our tour named “Romantische Strasse in Germany, Swiss Alps 
and Paris for 9 days”started
on June 25(Tuesday). The last
course of of this tour is from Geneva to Lyon station in Paris

by TGV of French Shinkansen bullet train spending 3 hours and
40 minutes.
It was a hard schedule that we arrived at the hotel
almost midnight.

  Next day early morning we left hotel for Musee du Louvre. It
was 3rd time for me to visit Louvre.
I was bringing the digital
camera for the first time but we must take pictures in Louvre
flash light.


    (Musee du Louvre 2002)


 A day of Paris where it rained was a considerably
 serious day for me. Our tour bus visited
  Notre Dame after Musee du Louvre. It was very
 difficult for me to return our departure point
 after short free time near Catheedrale. Because
 I lost a sense of direction for an instant.



 We took a lunch at a restaurant in Place de Clichy near Saint-
Lazare station in the north of Paris.
I dared not drink any wine
by thinking about the free activity from the afternoon. We will
be free 
time after the lunch here although it continues to rain
and tour bus leaves.



 We are received a map of Paris sponsored by  Takashimaya department store from the tour
 conductor this morning. She explained us the
 course to Printemps department store where
 is a shop of Takashimaya
 about 15 minutes
 from the

 I had an idea to visit Basilique du Sacre-Caur
 in Montmartre at free time after the lunch in 
I asked a waiter to show the place of this  restaurant on the map. Monmartre is not far at
 all from here.

 I advance toward the direction in northeast       aiming at the hill of Montmartre. There was
 little traffic when entering the slope.
 When a white dome of Basilique du Sacre-
 Caur  was seen on the hill, I felt relieved.
 The visitor was not in shops where
 displayed a picture and poster.

 When I set foot on the church by one step,
 a dim, wide space opened the inside. High
 ceiling and deep depth.
 There was a big cross in the front and the       Christ that wore a white cloth had spread
 his hands to the ceiling on that greatly.

                    (Scine 2002)                        


It beckons even me of the pagan who came
distantly from the Asian country to come.
I sat down on a remote sofa behind distantly.
People to give prayer sat down in the seat
of the front depths surrounded with a rope.
However, there were a person who bent the
knee and sat down at the seat and a person
who made the sign of the cross and stood
from the seat also in the seat where I was back.

I indulged in the solemn atmosphere gradually.
I came here for sightseeing  but I felt pious for
some reason, I noticed it. Then I continued
sitting there for one hour.    



 It rains  more internser when I left Basilique du
The lower dry gust blows only the
 hill, too. I intended to return to the hotel once
 by taxi.



(Baslique du Sacre-Caur 2002)                        

 I called out to a police in the car  which
 stopped near. I complained that I had
 already waited for a taxi for 30 minutes.
 I also heard a way to an underground
 station near most.

  One taxi stopped when I gave it up and
 began to go down the slope toward the
 station. At last I run hastily to the taxi

 One man tried to get on the taxi. I run
 up to the taxi to appeal, "I waited up
 for as much as 30 minutes". Of course
 neither a driver nor a guest know it.
 Another driver who coldly said to me
 a little while ago that it was useless,
 he intervened for me "He was waiting
 for a long time. "