Journey of  ITALY 

        Sept. 19977年9




I arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris
by the Air France on Sunday, September 21.
We changed the flight in Paris and left for
Leonard Da Vinci airport in Rome.

It started sightseeing in Rome from next morning.
We will make a round trip of Italy by a sightseeing
bus for one week.



  St.Peter's Basilica


 It is the first Italy visit for me though Italy is said
 that their standard of traveling abroad for young
 women. Italy is the third visit for Miss Miwako
 Yasuno who is my niece. The first visit place is
 Vatican of Catholicism of the world. The smallest
 independent country in the world has only the area
 about three times Hibiya Park in Tokyo. We visit
 St. Peter's Basilica first.


 Museo Vaticani  


 The corridor with 284 columns surrounds the turn to vast St. Peter's Square
in front of the Basilica. The 140 saints' sculptures line on the upper part of
this corridor. The Basilica was completed in
 1626 though the origin of it was
4th century.

It is impossible to take pictures for us as it is very dark in the church. Still,
a lot of people were watching in Michelangelo's sculpture "Image of the Pieta"
at 23 years old. It is an image of Maria who embraces the Christ taken down
from the cross.



After our lunch we returned to Vatican
again by taxi at free time of the afternoon
though there was no chance to enter
Museo Vaticani in the tour. We could see
a lot of masterpieces of West art,for
Example, Raphael and Da Vinci, etc.

We drank coffee at the garden of the art
museum after enjoy of many works. There
are many youths from the many countries
of the world.        


  Next visit was a standard of sight-
  seeing in Rome, Fontana di Trevi.

  The bottom of the pond was being
  washed  when we visited. Still many        tourists and also I threw backwards
  coins into the pond.

             (Fontana di Trevi)                  


 Ruins of Roman times have been left everywhere
 in the Rome city. Foro Romano especially is the
 one that was excavated and reproduced after
 the 19th century.

 Huge amphitheatral of Roman times is Colosseo.
 It was completed in A.C. 80. It is said that fierce
 animal and gladiator's ghostly fights were continued
 until being closed at the time of the sixth century.




 The last visit of sightseeing in Rome was Piazza
 di Spagna where became too famous by the movie
 Holyday”. It crowded with a serious
 tourist as expected. We coud see the famous
 church,Trinita dei Monti at the front of staires.
 A symbol of the Piazza was built at the 15th



 I also looked at the plaza and the street of the
 previous state for a while sitting on this stairs.

 There are many brand shops in the street,
 Condotti for example from start Gucci, Louis
 Vuitton, Ferragamo, Versace, Mila Schon and
 Benetton to Prada. Japanese young women
 were doing the row in front of the shop of
 Louis Vuitton. Spectacle that seems to be 
 abnormal almost.