Travel of Germany

   June-July 2002   

Frankfurt 1991(1)
Frankfurt 1991(2)

                                 Inside the plane of Lufthanza 2002)

 It participates in the tour
of 9 days  that gets out from
Romantische Strasse in Ger-
many to Switzerland and goes
out to Paris. Switzerland is
the my first course. The flight
is Lufthanza in Germany.
Therefore, it Germany enters
first from the Frankfurt Main

I bring Canon Power Shot S30
of the digital camera which I
bought for the first time. The
card of compact flash can take
only 40 about attached to the

I bought CF of 192MB for trip. 900 pieces can be taken enough. However the battery
will be short
 by taking pictures of every 100 pieces to handles LCD monitor every
time it takes it. Therefore
the charge in the locale is required.

Becoming a problem there is a socket of the countries. I prepared a plug of C type
corresponding to a general two hole socket of Germany, Switzerland, and France
and also the SE plug of the multi type. The battery charger of Canon is 100V -
        240V correspondence, and the European voltage does not have any problem.


The departure of our flight 10:00 am from
Narita was delayed for one hour and 40
minutes  due to  
delay of the flight from
Frankfurt. I took picture of the in-flight
meal as lunch including Japanese
noodle to test Canon and also a steward-
ess who carries meal and drink. It is
slightly large Germanic woman.

It arrives at Frankfurt by the flight of about 11 hours. We arrived at Hotel Mercure near the West station in Frankfurt at 5:00PM. After it arrived, the schedule of the tour was not especially and was entered in each room by everyone. Germany of this time is brighter.

I did not have any time to go sightseeing completely  when I visited Frankfurt for business trip in old times. This tour doesn't schedule the sightseeing tour of Frankfurt city.

Supporters of Frankfurt 2002)

I called out to the driver of the taxi which
there was beside a hotel when I went out
from the hotel with a digital camera.

“How much can you go to the downtown in
the city ?"

"It may be about ten Euro?"
I showed  Alte Oper(old opera house)in
the city map brought in the hotel while my
thinking place to get off in the city. The
driver says that you can walk in the main
place from there.

As for today's international soccer game, I understood
soon that Germany won when I got out of the taxi. There
were young people with German national flags in many
places. Germany that won the semifinal with South Korea
is a decisive battle with Brazil now. Germany is excited
all the more.


I found some big tents of the restaurant in the plaza. It was
'Dry' of the Chinese character written in the tent. The Asahi
beer of Japan does its best in home Germany of the beer.

I was in another
 restaurant drinking  German draft beer.
It was a pie parcel of the Middle East style that a waitress
recommended to me who say as for something to eat. 
Will the meat of the inside be a sheep? It is slightly hot,
but is not bad.

I press the shutter for Anka who was interested in my
digital camera. She is pleased with the photograph of the
monitor which I reproduced.

I go out to Hauptwasche Platz. I could see a signboard of
department store Kaufhof and St-Katharinenkirche church
which I remembered. The buzzer of the car resounded from
the previous road. Young people waved German national
flags from the window of Benz.

I found a park that entered the back street and was
surrounded by green. I caught sight of the figure which
an aged couple takes a walk through. I was in the
stillness just before I had been in the noise of the town.
I sat on the bench of the side and looked at waterfowls
in the pond.