Journey of REPUBLIC OF TURKEY                     


     ISTANBUL VISIT (1)       
            June 2006

 Istanbul 2
 Istanbul 3
 Efes> Pamukkale



   I participated in a tour of Tabix Tokyo named
   "Turkey special tour eight days" from June 4.
   I knew that only six people participated in
   this tour at a counter of Narita. I heard 22
   people when
 I proposed it by telephone. I
   just watched on the television that Istanbul
   Airport raised
black smoke and fire a little
   before my departure.  There was the claim
   of esponsibility of the
Kurd independent group,
   too, and the visit of this time was untimely.



 The south wing of the first terminal
 was just opened two days ago after an  interval of 11 years
for the redecorating
 the terminal. New Tokyo International
 Airport was crowded regardless of terrorism.
 The duty-free shops after the departure
 has increased considerably. The airport
 became the private
company from the
 public corporation. The company must
 make money not only airport fee but also
 many stores.

  I took on Turkish Airlines for the first time. It was not Boeing but Airbus A340.
  I requested
a seat of aisle side at the check-in.

 It takes about 12 and half hours by air
 from  Narita to Istanbul in Turkey.
 We welcomed by Mr.
Cerhan Senturk
 a Turkish guide at the Ataturk  airport
. Six people of the  participation join
 this time for the first time here.

 Our bus run from the airport to Grand
 Cevahir Hotel in east district of  the
 new town through 
the old town of
 Istanbul. I could check in the hotel at
 about 8:30 on the night of local time.

 Monday, June 5 the next day starts by the wake-up call at 6 AM. We left the hotel
at 7:30 and arrived
 The Ruins of Troy after driving of 345 kilos. Furthermore we
continued to drive to Ayvalik and
the hotel. It will be about 500 kilos’s driving today.