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New York Visit
June 1999

This year I joined a tour of USA East
Coast for 8 days by Kinki Tourist. It
was the first sightseeing
in United State
for me. This tour has many participants.
Our group is 41 men and women.
It was
departure from Narita at 11:00AM on June
18 NH10 flight arrived at NY John F.
Kennedy airport
in the morning on the
same day at 10:30 am.  It was very trouble-
some for me to start sightseeing
-ately soon after our arrival of New York,
because I never used to sleep in the plane.


(NY Pier 17)


                                            (Queensboro Bridge & East River)


A local Japanese guide joins us and we go to Manhattan Island
by bus from the airport. The first
 visit is South Street Seaport
in New York. I visited again New York after the interval of 16 years.


We move to the United Nation building from Peer
17. I was the first time that I entered the United
Nations Headquarters, but was able to enter a part
of the lobby of the first floor. East river
the back of the UN building. I can see the Queenー
borough bridge over the river.

The new mayor regained security in New York. The
inside of subway was full of graffitis in the first half
of 80’s of New York while I used to visit for business.

 (The United  Nations Headquarters)    


We visit Metropolitan Museum of Art
after our lunch. The excellent building
in Central Park which faced the fifth
Avenue. We can see the
big curtain

just written, 'Gogh from Cezanne' and
'Treasure of St.Francis of Assisi
exhibition'. The museum opened in
1872 though the history of United 
 is very short. The collection
was enhanced the American millionaire
such as Rockfeller and Morgans
20th century.

(Metropolitan Museum of Art  武具の間)

I interested in African sculptures and
European armors and swords of Middle
Ages. Last I 
visited the roof garden of
the 5th floor where were modern
sculptures. I also was able to see
many high buildings in Manhattan

    (The Roof Garden of Museum)


We went to China town in the south area by bus.
We tried to eat noodle, lobster and broccoli and
so on at the Chinese restaurant.
The beer is
$ 3.50 with the small bottle of Budweiser.

After our dinner we enjoyed the night view of
New York from Empire State Building

           (Restaurant in China Town)


The hotel of America first day was in New
Jersey state not in the NY Manhattan island.

We moved to a neighboring state cross the
Hudson river. 
Our bus was just rolled up in
a traffic jam in the place where a match of
Yankee Stadium ended in. Our bus arrived at
the hotel at 11:00.